Current Stoned Contract Balance:

Buy Price

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Sell Price

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Tokens Worth

This Is NOT The Compromised PoWHcoin Code. Check our source to verify.
Instructions, for the Fools and Madmen who want in:

  • First of all, install MetaMask here and put some Ether in it.
  • To buy PoWH420s, simply click the "Buy PoWH420s" button and enter the amount of Ether you want to convert to PoWH420s, based on the current Buy Price. Press the "Yep" button twice (do not ignore the warning). When confirming the transaction on MetaMask, be sure to use a high enough gas price so that the price doesn't change drastically while the transaction is in progress. Here you can view recommended gas prices. Buying coins will increase both the Buy Price and Sell Price with 0.25% per bought coin once the transaction is complete.
  • Under "Balance" you can see how many PoWH420s you currently own. "Shares Worth" tells you the total value of those coins, based on the current Sell Price. Note that when cashing out coins, the Buy Price and Sell Price drop afterwards, decreasing the value of your (and everyone else's) coins by 0.25% per coin.
  • Every time PoWH420s are bought, a percentage of the fee from the bought coins will be divided under the current PoWH420 holders (Dividends).
  • To cash out your coins, click the "Sell PoWH420s" button. Here you can choose to either cash out your dividends or your PoWH420s. If you want to exchange your tokens for Ether, you first need to cash them out so that the Ether is added to your Dividends pool.
  • If you find yourself holding bags, please refer to the Shill-Kit page.
  • PLEASE SAVE THIS SOMEWHERE SAFE If for any reason this website goes down, you can open up a Transaction through Metamask, Send 0 Ether with a 150k Gas Limit to the Contract and send "0xb1e35242" under additional data for a personal exit scheme. This is the getMeOutOfHere() function on the contract and will cash you out of all tokens and dividends.