The World's Dank Autonomous and Self-Sustaining 420 Pyramid Scheme

Pyramids aren't built in a day. Carry the first brick 9-bar.

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How It Works

Smoke Throw ethereum at the 420 Blockchain

By sending Eth to the smart contract, you're trusting a blazing mathematical gambling robot, fueled by the dank homegrown kush, to entrust you with (POWH420) Tokens. We don't trust it and neither should you.

It Pumps and Dumps Itself

Every Time a Token is purchased, the contract increases the price of the next token by a small percentage (about 0.25%). Every time a Token is sold, the next Token is valued slightly less (about -0.25%).

Proof of Weed Hands Technology v4.2.0 (POWH420)

Unlike other, lesser, normie-tech methodology, When someone purchases or sells a POWH420 token, 10% Of the buy-in-price is split by the total number of coins and given as locked-in, Ethereum dividends to each previous investor. We'll smoke to that! Add to the stash and join us!

No Insecure Code, Fully Tested -

This stash pot is locked down tighter than a smellyproof bag - With our thoroughly tested POWH420 smart contract, there is no way for Russians to hack away your dividends. If you're new to this, even when those with week hands sell off all their beloved POWH420, guess what, you're gaining on other people doing dumb things with their money!

Cash Out - Forever

At any time, you can sell your PoWH420Coins back to the Smart Contract for the displayed price , or withdraw just the dividends you've accumulated!


Seriously, No Premine, no Self Destruct, no Dev Exit Scheme. This contract will fluctuate in price and pay out dividends to buy 420 with until the ethereum network dies.

What are you waiting for?

Please Note: This is not an investment or security, any and all tokens sent to the automatic mathematical gambling robot are purely for your own pleasure in participating in this absolutely insane social experiment. Sit back, light up a fat one, take hits from the bong - and change the way you think about money forever. We can't wait to see the look on your dealers face when you tell him why you're buying QP's rather than dimes.

Guide to Fast Phat Stacks

Greenpaper Summary

App Screenshot - Shards App Promo Demo Page

What life will be like if this goes well:

App Screenshot - Shards App Promo Demo Page

Step 1: Invest Throw your ETH at our robot

This game will be running for as long as ethereum is around. Send ether to the Stoned Contract through this website to buy your coins now before it takes off, or after the price has tanked the first time, or the second time. There's going to be a LOT of ground floors; Pretty sure we're in one now.

Step 2: Shill

We suggest shilling this coin heavily to anyone who has the right sense of humor to throw cryptocurrency into a pit of fuckery; or anyone who genuinely believes bitconnect dividends are a good idea. Creating posts on how this coin is like a standard crypto on some super strong sativa laced with actual crack cocaine with price swings and meme payouts, on /r/trees, /r/cryptocurrency, /biz/, and making several youtube videos promoting POWHCoin is also encouraged. Mention it to your stoned mates, and your dealer - he probably has more money and will give us all a nice dividend. Please do not lie or guarantee gains, this is a game and should be considered as such!

Step 3: HODL

Everytime 1 token is sold, the Smart Contract will increase the price of every token and pays out dividends. With the dynamic pricing it's likely the coin will crash, induce FOMO (fear of missing out) and trigger an entire new-wave of buyins and dividends for all previous holders. Someone is losing money, don't let it be you!

Step 4: Profit

If you have weak hands and no longer want to participate in this madness sell your coins back to the Stoned Contract through this website for ether! If you've HODLed for long enough and shilled hard enough that enough people have chased the meme after you, your gains will be through the roof!


Q: Is this a real thing?

A: Yes, POWH420 are an ERC20 standard token built on the ethereum blockchain that you can sell on this site. They have no value outside of engaging in the POWH game with our Math Robot though and you should not consider them a real investment.

Q: Who Made This?

The original concept for the Contract was created by Dr. Jochen Hoenicke a brilliant guy who develops the Trezor Firmware and the Bitcoin Mempool statistics Viewer. We kinda hope he buys in. Also a massive shout to the EthPyramid team for fixing the exploits found in the original POWH Coin.

Q: Wasn't there something similar to this earlier?

A: Yes there were a few "Doubling Scheme" Ponzicoin sites. These worked on a different algorithm that doubled the price of each coin every 100 tokens that were purchased, and only let you sell out for 1/4th of the token value. Both times these coins were run they only lasted a few hours before the Devs Exit-scammed with them, or the contract crashed because everyone cashed out. More recently we saw the downfall of the OG PoWHcoin, and its shadow fork. The issues with those coins are not present here, this is a new smart contract, there are no integer under/overflows because we use the SafeMath library. There are no ignored parameters, there is just one function you can call from MEW or MetaMask. The code is up for you to review if you don't believe us! Just click "source"!

How does this work? Can I actually cash out?

A: When you buy POWH420, you are paying ether into the Smart Contract balance, think of it like an ether bank account with a fancy robot attached to it. Whenever you wish to cash out, the robot (smart contract) will pay you the ether you are owed out of its balance.

Q: Can I actually make ETH off of this?

A: Yes! I would rather you assume you won't though.

Q: What do I need to buy into this Ponzi Scheme?

A: You need to install Metamask and also need to buy some Ether (ETH), probably from something like Coinbase.

Q: This seems like a great investment opportunity! I need to get back all the money I lost in BitConnect ShadowFork POWHCoin, so can I put my entire pension fund/college fund/retirement savings/second home mortgage in?

A: No, this is a joke foremost and secondarily a toy that only has as much value as the fun you get out of it (and the fun you get out of other players).

Q: Is this a scam?

A: Yes, More accurately this is a game where you put cryptocurrency into trying to trick, fake out, or scam everyone else out of their cryptocurrency. Any value you deposit into this smart contract should purely be placed because you enjoy the concept and social experiment and wish to participate. For better or worse.

Q: Is this site secure?

A: All transactions are handled through the Ethereum network, Metamask and Our high-as-a-the-moon blockchain gambling smart-contract. Your web requests are using HTTPS. Do not use this site if you do not trust these systems. Our bet is on you cashing out and smoking your ETH before that happens.

Q: This seems to be too good to be true, how am I getting screwed?

A: It's a literal pyramid scheme, but on a rollercoaster. The price can fluctuate upwards and downwards extremely quickly depending on who cashes in/out of the contract. The dividends design encourages more and more players to hold over longer periods of time and should naturally push the price upwards however.

Q: Are there any other coins that pay dividends like this?

A: Yeah lots actually, Kucoin Sharesand Coss are big name exchange tokens that pay out a percentage of all fees taken from trading on the platform. Not to mention the actually-the-definition-of-a-ponzi "Refer friends and get their fees" schemes on Binance/Kucoins

Q: Is this coin pre-mined?

A: No, Nor are there any loops in the code that allow us to take ETH out of the contract in any ways that you yourself are not capable of.

Q: So this won't suddenly dissapear overnight with everything i put in it?

A: The Smart-Contract will not vanish, the website can have anything happen to it at any time which may affect your ability to withdraw or manage your coins through the GUI interface it provides. On the Purchasing page we plan to provide a handy guide of how you can withdraw dividends and tokens without the GUI; so you can save a copy locally. The coin is not hosted by us, it is in the decentralized world of the ETH blockchain, you can interact with it and send/withdraw any time using its ID and MetaMask.

Our Advisory Inspiration Board

Testimonial Avatar
Snoop Dogg
81 more blunts a day than you ever will

Pioneer stoner of one of the modern age, definitely 420% woke to the coin and already getting dividends off your weed money.

Testimonial Avatar
Roger Ver
Bitcoin Cash (Promoter / Initial Investor)

Bitcoin cash is a manipulated fork of Bitcoin designed around a mining exploit (that was patched out of the initial bitcoin blockchain) which allowed initial developers of BCC to premine billions of dollars in Bitcoin Cash

Doesn't like PoWH420 being called a Ponzicoin.

Testimonial Avatar
John McAfee
Twitter PND

Due to his re-emergence in internet popularity, everything he buys into, and then shills on twitter. Pumps nearly 500% immediately

I'm sure glad he's a trustworthy person and not investing in the projects beforehand right?

Testimonial Avatar
Satoshi Nakamoto
Bitcoin (Inventor)

Literally Pre-mined at least 1,000,000 Coins of his own currency. Currently valued at tens of billions of dollars and tied up in a wallet that's still on the cryptographically non-secure old encryption algorithm; even if the madman is dead, as soon as someone breaks into his wallet we're all bankrupt.

Accidentally the world's economy in 2025 with no survivors.

Testimonial Avatar
Gregory Maxwell
Bitcoin (Core Developer)

Fee-market evangelist with extensive experience in turning legitimate coins into ponzis. Worked heavily on the development of the Lightning network, which is undoubtably going to piss off everyone when it doesn't work and try to turn bitcoin into a massive corporate cashgrab.

Sips champagne while coordinating the hack of your reddit account

Testimonial Avatar
Brad Garlinghouse
Ripple (CEO)

Somehow managed to trick the entire cryptocurrency world into letting ripple be one of the top 10 market-cap coins. Nobody's really sure how he did this with a non-cryptocurrency that ripple-labs can and will print at will and then give out for pennies on the dollar to massive banking institutions,

I bet the jews did this

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I dedicate this crazy fucking experiment to my mum.